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Farrel asked 8 years ago

Sorry my english is not so good.
I have recently purchased the pasha theme. The variable products variation function not ated. It always depends on the product page:
Unfortunately, no products match your selection. Please choose a different combination.
Can you please give me this help and when is a new update?

2 Answers
Farrel answered 8 years ago

I do not want a price per product.
I want 3-4 Price per product.
Look: and

Farrel answered 8 years ago

That what you mean is a simple product, with sale price.
I want a variable product with different prices.
That does not work.
I have another possibility found: WooCommerce Product Add-ons. But that cost me money.
I have another question.
I want the website in fullscreen? (The entire website in fullscreen)??
the outside,quite to the outside
How does this work?
Thank you for the answer.

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