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turkeydiscovered asked 8 years ago

I have set up my home page ( so that it is full width however, the article pages category pages etc are all by defult with the sidebar.
Is there a way to make full width the default for every page.

3 Answers
templatevisual Staff answered 8 years ago

Hope your query is fixed

turkeydiscovered answered 8 years ago

thank you, the side bar has been removed, one last thing, is it possible to have the article’s text centred in a box, a bit like how it is on the blog home page (text aline left). Is this done via padding?

turkeydiscovered answered 8 years ago

thanks for the help, is there a way to change the logo size for desktop?
and on mobile, the menu icon covers part of the logo, is there a way to fix this?

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