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The Higher Education Program (HEP) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education will prepare you to accept leadership functions within National universites and colleges, and with the non-profit businesses and government agencies that form national degree coverage. Instead of educate you for a simple position admissions, growth etc. we offer an extensive program that will aid you in every element of ed supervision that is higher, policymaking.

School Representative Judith McLaughlin on HEP:

Meaning from your Manager

Welcome to r Harvard’s Higher Education System. We’re an intellectually energetic neighborhood of of school students, and alumni alumni who share a standard interest in boosting the opportunities and ensuring the productive potential of colleges and universities.

You’ll encounter an intellectually extreme and individually stimulating year if you join us below on Way. Your classes will give abilities and the information required for your growth to you through several placements through your occupation in education that is higher. The interdisciplinary standpoint and cross-useful nature of this program makes you to operate artistically to deal with the diverse issues facing higher education nowadays and to achieve success at directing the intricate world of higher-education. It’s also possible to decide to enhance your coursework with customdesigned internships that provide professional progress within an continuous or fresh area of awareness. There is probably no regional location with increased various and thrilling higher education companies and higher education associated corporations than Cambridge and Boston.

But pupils at HGSE are not just researching challenging’ they’re likewise participating in incredibly stimulating discussions using their friends who hail from wideranging skills and also have pursuits that are equally diversified. Some students have worked in higher education beforehand, in entry and mid-management administrative or college positionsome are interested in making a career move into higher-education’ plus a select few come straight from undergraduate studies where they certainly were hugely accomplished students and student leaders. All have exhibited the potential to be outstanding experts who will think management opportunities in several diverse regions of higher education and certainly will be collaborative practitioners facilitating change and advancement.

And then you’ll find our alumni, over the U.S. along with the world, who luxuriate in connecting with present learners and stay in effect. We’ve consciously developed a Harvard degree household and so are not humble of our alumnir’s considerable professional achievements and by the several ways that they reach out to enable one another.

If all of this seems interesting, please benefit from the many approaches to learn more about us. Come to Admissions occasions inside our virtual information sessions in the event that your’ or your neighborhood mdash or at Harvard’re incapable of join us personally. Attend classes if you’re browsing Cambridge. And touch base through ambassadors mdash and the office to the scholar’ who are our absolute best advertisements for the program!

Judith Block McLaughlin
Method Manager, Degree System
Senior Lecturer

HEP is actually an one-year, full-time masterr’s system that may prepare a positive impact to be made by you on National higher-education being an administrator. Listed below are what our students contemplate a few of the greatest talents of the program:

President-in-House every-year, we request a distinguished former university president to go to lessons alongside HEP learners and to anchor instructional conversations with real-world knowledge. Outside of course, the President-in-Property eats meal with learners, matches one-onone during office hours, and recommends students on career selections and essential academic.

Cohort Household By enrolling in HEP, you join an extraordinary cohort of individuals with hobbies including better equity, budget and entry, to improving student living and educational learning. In lessons, in research teams, and over coffee inside the HGSE Commons learners debate the advantages and disadvantages as well as the number of choices of alternative pedagogies and MOOCs of the national report card on advanced schooling. Perspectives and the various encounters of the HEP classmates can enhance your encounter that is HGSE, and long-past university will be endured by their romances.

Applied Expertise The HEP curriculum is seated inside the real world policies and methods of American universities and colleges. Projects and coursework center around hands-on proposal together with mdash the dilemmas’ case-studies, role-playing debates mdash mdash’ not academic talks that are detached. You will graduate by having an intimate knowledge of the way you can be successful in leading change and how degree works.

Harvard and Boston Internships many HEP students take part in a paid internship, either on-campus at Harvard or at schools, universities, and non-profits over the Boston/Cambridge area. Interns get considerable responsibilities and may earn credit via an affiliated HEP course.

Alumni Area HEP alumni reveal a love for strengthening degree and instill an ongoing link with HGSE. Wer’ re thrilled our graduates stay in effect and sometimes visit college to keep in touch with existing learners. This extensive HEP family forms an encouraging and powerful qualified system for locating fellowships and the finest careers after university.

The program is organized to supply a base that is strong in coverage, governance, and higher-education management, while providing you the flexibility to plunge deeply into unique regions of interest.


You’ll finish eight lessons (32 loans) within the following categories:

  • Three higher-education core lessons
    • A- 702 Proseminar in Degree Supplied specifically to HEP individuals, the critical difficulties facing colleges and universities’ this workshop presents students to the core beliefs, workers, and procedures of degree’ for treating these issues and also the approaches and administration abilities. The proseminar can be visited from the Leader -in-Residence.
    • A-412 The History of National Higher-Education This course provides a breakdown of the advancement of National higher education from your colonial period for this, supplying pupils a knowledge of modern procedures and dilemmas’ origin.
    • A- 710P Economics of Advanced Schooling: Access, Effects, and Competitiveness No introduction to American education that is higher is not incomplete without a comprehensive examination of how value, expense, and benefit affect who has access to school and the way higher education establishments do business.
  • As well as the three required courses, individuals within the Degree Method must take three higher or education education that is added – courses that are linked. Students might choose from the list of approved programs below or request for choice from their college advisor to consider different lessons whose material pertains to advanced schooling to meet this prerequisite.
  • Two electives from HGSE or graduate schools that are different.

Pick from these HGSE lessons

Cross registration

You really attend Harvard University all when you attend HGSE. Talk to your consultants about signing up for courses through cross registration at the Kennedy School. Harvard Business School. And Harvard School that complement your academic or professional interests. All approved electives count.

HEP Internships

A compensated internship at Harvard or inside the Boston region that is larger also can qualify as one of the higher education related lessons. To earn credit you need to join the affiliated HEP internship program taught by program director McLaughlin. Popular internship sites include:

Faculty is drawn by HEP from across HGSE, the Harvard School. Along with the Business College who are specialized in helpful exercise and the thorough review of degree. Faculty fund and expertise covers government and degree management, higher-education course, university access and budget. Similarly significant, HEP school associates are positively employed while in the time-today work of education that was higher. They advise state and federal policymakers, assist on forums of trustees, consult college and college commanders, and instruct government training plans.

In 2001, the Larger Education Plan introduced the president-in- residence plan, taking a former college or university leader to wait courses, meet with learners over lunch or coffee, and encourage on sets from paper matters to career options.

For the Higher Education Software at Harvard, we are happy to broadcast that Barry Mills is going to be joining people -in-residence for your year. Mills offered because the President of Bowdoin Faculty.

Prior presidents-in-property contain:

  • Fr. H. Holtschneider, president of DePaul University
  • Lawrence Bacow, president emeritus of Tufts College
  • Rob Oden, former leader of Carleton College and Kenyon College
  • Diana Chapman Walsh, president emerita of Wellesley School
  • Ellen Chaffee, former president of Pit City State University and Mayville State School
  • Tom Tritton, former leader of Haverford School
  • Norman Fainstein, president emeritus of Connecticut Faculty
  • Richard Freeland, former leader of Northeastern School
  • Tad Foote, former chancellor and leader of the University of Arkansas’
  • John DiBiaggio, former leader of the College of Connecticut, Michigan State School and Tufts University’
  • Adrian Tinsley, president emerita of Bridgewater State University’
  • Bernie Harleston, former president of the Town School of Newyork’ and
  • President emerita of Wheelock College, Marjorie Bakken.

Several HEP individuals occur across the country with professional expertise in higher-education as citizen agents, improvement reps, admissions consultants, and university at universites and colleges. Others are not used to degree, operating previously as high-school instructors, enterprise specialists, policy authorities, and much more. A select few HEP pupils come immediately from undergraduate studies where these were remarkably accomplished scholar leaders. By reading a sample of abstracts of forms from your Proseminar in Advanced Schooling find out more about the various passions of HEP pupils.

HEP alumni developing stronger companies, will work as campus commanders at colleges and universities nationwide and influencing the lives of learners. Recent students function as associate owners of diversity and multicultural matters, admissions, student living, tactical planning, and career services and administrators. They workin government companies and charitable businesses as policy scientists and analysts. In addition they use kids and families through fiscal planning projects and college preparedness.

Where Alumni Function

Visit HGSE admissions to get important info about school funding, also for more information about deadlines and app demands. Programs are not undue in January of the educational year you plan to enroll.

If you want to learn more about the Higher Education System or have questions concerning the admissions process, please contact our admissions contact Darlene Brickey-Nguyen at asksarah@ 617-495-3414 or gse.harvard.edu. Please contact method owner Bloom in case you have particular questions about expertise or system demands.

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