Google Play Developer API products An accumulation of Java trials. Installation Unzip your client selection. The folder provides the bing -api-companies-androidpublisher- a lib along with catalogue / file with all dependencies that are necessary. Importance the Java test code into your preferred IDE and reference all libraries while in the / lib folder as well as the bing -api-solutions-androidpublisher-v2.jar in the sample project. Getting started To make use of the Google Play Builder API you must produce or recycle a current API undertaking within the Google console, /. You’re able to either use the API with a client ID for Native Request (Fitted Application) or create a Company Account. Change for test setup that is worldwide Specify the label of your program. When the program label is null or bare, a warning will be logged by the application form. Structure that is best essay 4u proposed is MyCompany -Program/1.0.

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Identify the application according to developer’s package name system. Please backup your apk for the / resources directory and specify the apk document route assets/your apk.apk if you’d like to perform any of the post apk samples First request using OAuth2: Installed app Revise the /sources/client secrets.json add and file your client identification, redirect uris and client key. Implement any test school using its principal() approach to begin the auth flow: You will start and get to login. Make certain the account has proper permissions in the Google Play Builder unit. Take the permissions dialog. The visitor should exhibit The authorization move has concluded. Close the window and examine the unit output.

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The software may output a listing of apks. The tokens will be kept in android publisher api at home folder. Remove this report to restart the flow that is auth. First request using OAuth2 Alter and include the assistance bill current email address. Copy the support account key file, rename it to key.p12 and produced into the same service while in the APIs Unit.

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